About the Records


Column Origin = Country where the record has been released:
Bel = Belgium; Can = Canada; Den = Denmark; Deu = Germany;
Eng = England; Fra = France; Ger = Germany; Ned = The Netherlands;
Swe = Sweden; Ita = Italy

Column Year:
Year of release of the record, nót year of the recordings.

*  Old stock from shops.
Sleeve can be slightly damaged and may have stickers on the frontside.

#  Cut-out.
From one of the corners of the sleeve there is a cut-out. It may be a straight cut, a round hole or an edge. The meaning is to mark the record being from a sale (in the USA) and not to be returned.

~  Dirty and/or scratched disc, but playable.


The Used LP's

Column "€" contains the price-code in letters.
Column "%" indicates the condition. (95 means Mint.)


The Used Singles

Column "Cond" = Condition:
A=Condition is between 70% and 100%
B=Condition is less than 70%
C=Record is not playable or only partly. Disc may contain serious defects, caused by bad use or bad pressing. I just listed these in case you may want to complete your collection, rather than listen to them.
In the column marked "€" you'll find the actual price in Euro's, not a price code.


Cleaning tip

Records that are very dirty can be cleaned with a regular (not too soft) kitchen cloth, luke warm water and a little mild detergent. Do not make the cloth too wet and do not use too much detergent. Lay the record on a flat, clean surface, preferably on a clean towel. Hold the disc with one hand and rub the grooves in a circular way, until the dirt has gone. Take another damp cloth - without detergent - and remove the detergent as much as you can.
Immediately after that, take a clean dry towel and rub the disc completely dry, again in a circular way. Do not let the wet record dry up, otherwise you will hear a hissing sound when playing it afterwards!
Repeat the same procedure with the other side of the record.
You can also clean the labels, but do this very careful, do not use pressure and watch out for damage to the labels or the printing.

Another option is to buy a record cleaning kit, with special fluid to make the record anti-static too. Read the instructions first.