78-rpm Other Styles

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Label & Nr.




  Bandy, Lou Tja ... ik heb geen bananen / Driftkoppen Odeon 313803
(kleine barst)
Bra 50  
  Bol, Albert Hannes als reiziger naar Utopia 1 & 2 Beka No. 46018 Dui 85  
  Bol, Albert Hannes als bruiloftsgast 1 & 2 Beka No. 46028 Dui 80  
  Burgess, Dave / Bobby Milano Singing the blues / A rose and a baby Ruth / Mutual admiration society / Garden of Eden Tops R297-49 USA 80  
  Burgess, Dave / Bobby Milano / Scat Man Crothers / Wayne Sisters Don't forbid me / Moonlight gambler / Since I met you baby / Gonna get along without ya now Tops R299-49 USA 80  
  Butterflies Ik wou dat / Dixieland Philips P 17575 H Ned 55  
  Carr, Georgia
Voices Three
The horse and the carriage ran away
Coo, coo, coo
Ronnex 1120 Bel 85  
  Carter, Johnny / Hank Smith / Rusty Jones You are the one / Conscience I'm guilty / Sweet dreams / Any old time Tops R291-49 USA 80  
  Christiani, Eddy Carnaval op Cuba / Vergeet het maar rustig Decca M 32607 Fra 95  
  Davids, Louis Rympjes / Op de bergen His Master's Voice B. 4910 Ned 90  
  Derby, Willy Wie zonder zone is / Oudejaarsavond Beka 46526 Dui 80  
  Derby, Willy O, m'n zwartje / Lekker Chineesje (Honolulu) Columbia D 6460 Eng 80  
  Derby, Willy Levenslang / Mammie waar ben je Parlophon 63021 Dui 80  
  Dietrich, Marlene
& Rosemary Clooney
Too old to cut the mustard / Good for nothin' Columbia D.B. 3160 Ned 65  
  Ferko String Band Happy days are here again / Deep in the heart of Texas London L 533 Ned 90  
  Griffin, Ken Cuckoo waltz / You can't be true dear Victory 9219   90  
  Griffin, Ken Music, music, music / Jumping beans Victory 9244   75  
  Immers, Charles Rock en rolleke! (Rock-'n-roll) / Alei madam! Philips P 19375 H Ned 80  
  KLaare, Kees Het kantoorjuffie / De pierewaaier Columbia D 6547 Eng 75  
  Lou, Bonnie Hand-me-down heart / Scrap of paper Parlophone R. 3724 Eng 60  
  Lou, Bonnie Blue Tennessee rain / Wait for me, darling Parlophone R. 3895 Eng 60  
  Lowe, Jim From a Jack to a king / Slow train London L 647 Ned 90  
  Lowe, Jim
with the High Five
The green door / The little man in Chinatown

London HL-1115

Aus 85  
  Mullican, Moon Southern hospitality / You don't have to be a baby to cry King 868 USA 95  
  Neher, John
Frank, Berry
Sixteen tons
Only you
Ronnex RB 43 Bel 90  
  Sauer, Wolfgang The train / Night train Columbia DW 5551 Ned 70  
  Scholte, Bob Zwerven op zee / Je kunt van mij alles, alles krijgen Parlophon B. 73054 Dui 70  
  Singing Dogs Pat-a-cake / Three blind mice / Jingle bells / Oh Susanna Metronome J 400 Swe 80  
  Smith, Hank / Rusty Williams / Betsy Green Crazy arms / I walk the line / Searching / I take the chance Tops R288-49 USA 70  
  Stone, Lew Star gazing / The girl on the little blue plate Regal MR 1833 Eng 80  
  Tanner Sisters The "Choo-Buy" song / Comes along a-love His Master's Voice B. 10390 Ned 95  
  Three Professors Vular boatman rock / Yew stept owt offa dreme Columbia D.B. 3845   Nw  
  Two Rudi's Accordion Am laufenden Band - 1 & 2 Carinia CT 565
Aus Nw  
  Williams, Johnny and Jack / Hank Smith Wasted words / Go away with me / Before I met you / Poor man's riches Tops R3001 USA 80  
  Winters, Horst Das alte Haus von Rocky-Docky / Papa tanzt Mambo Telefunken A-11684 Ned 95